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I'm an Australian double and electric bass player who has played gigs and major festivals around the country as well as U.S.A, Europe and Brunei.


Acts I've been fortunate enough to play and/or record with include:


Mitch Woods (USA)

Old Gray Mule (USA) 

Charlie A'Court (Canada)

Steve 'West' Western (UK)

Tomcat Playground

Stephanie Marchant

P.J O'Brien

Jason Walker

Cyndi Boste

Ray Beadle

Suzannah Espie

Blue Eyes Cry

Adam Young

Andy Baylor

Jenny Queen

Melanie Horsnell

Jeremy Edwards


Toni Swain

Bridie King

Perry Keys


The Zion Band

Jeremy Harrison

Alison Penney

Michelle Van Der Meer

Adam Pringle


Wayne Jury

Jimmie Beavis




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